the many craters of this glowing orb of creativity

PR, Event Planning, Content Development & Editing

Connecting you to your audience, & designing memorable experiences & content for your clients.

Detroit Community Yoga

Special event yoga classes and fundraising events in Detroit since 2014


Films for the head, the heart, & the funny bone.

The Company

Clear Moon Creative, LLC developed as the multi-faceted business arm of owner, Cindy Spires, whose creative and professional interests have led her to pursue a broad gamut of possibilities.

The Woman Behind the Curtain

Cindy Spires, MA, RYT founded Detroit Community Yoga, LLC in 2014 as a way to bring yoga to Detroiters in unique ways.  As a natural result of her work in the community with DCY, she expanded her offering of event planning and public relations to private clients. Her interest in film has led her to appreciate and participate in the cinematic works of others, as well as to create her own films. Now, she has brought all her areas of interest together. Clear Moon Creative, LLC is what Cindy wants it to be: anything, everything, and ever-expanding!

Cindy has experience in PR with print, radio, and TV. She has organized events for private clients and organizations, and has worked with community leaders, nonprofits, business owners, and artists to craft memorable experiences and content for a variety of audiences and participants.